3 Ways an Xml Content Server Can Help Your Business

3 Ways an Xml Content Server Can Help Your Business

Businesses with a large content focus are looking for more than a digital filing cabinet to contain their ever expanding content. Businesses seeking out XML platforms to attach to their abundance of content already written in XML are finding that the XML content server can be useful in other ways. Here are 3 ways an XML content server can help your business. ? Publishing Software and Custom Publishing

Besides storage, an XML content server is a specialized server for your enterprise architecture to allow your organization to uncover content that wasn’t previously available before and make that content reusable. As part of the XML content server, an XML server provides everything you need for custom publishing. Purchasing publishing software isn’t necessary with an XML content server. Create on-demand custom documents and publications from existing content. An XML content server makes it easy to have a system editor or even an end user to build a custom document, book, article, newsletter, or collection of articles simply by piecing together content from different sources within your enterprise. The XML content server is a combination software and service designed to help publishers create new content rapidly for new audiences and make the most out of existing content. ? Content Conversion

Built specifically for content, an XML content server can be used to “wrap” data, mark up content and offer features not found in other XML servers built for pipeline processing or format conversion, for example. Most organizations have several different types of content; digital images, video, music and texts. If your organization has a lot of content that is not in XML currently- it can easily be converted into XML. What’s more, if your organization is presently using Microsoft Office 2007, all files are automatically written as OOXML, Office Open XML, providing a seamless transition into your XML content server. ? Enterprise Search

An XML content server provides the ability to search far and wide within your company. As a relational database is a specialized server that manages its own repository and is accessed through SQL, an XML content server manages its own content repository and is accessed using the W3C–standard XQuery language. Whether you need a snippet from a huge document or a string of code from another source created years ago, the powerful enterprise search has the ability to search a terabyte worth of content in milliseconds.


If you or your company is looking for a new publishing solution or a new content management solution, look to an XML content server with enterprise search to increase products and in return profitability.

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