5 Reasons an Xml Content Server is the Best Digital Asset Management Solution

Organizations that need to control their massive digital databases are currently weighing their options with Service Oriented Architectures, (SOAs) for digital asset management solutions and wondering which system to go with. Most companies are finding that they benefit most from an XML content server.


An XML content server is more than just a digital file cabinet. It has the capability to quickly retrieve digital media and provides built in text mining tools. As a digital asset management tool, the system supports retrieval of more than just documents, it retrieves images, video and audio files and includes an enterprise search to quickly find buried information.


Companies That Can Benefit From Best From An XML Content Server Include:

Why Would A Business Want To Invest In an XML Content Server?






Save money and increase profits today with a digital asset management solution like an XML Content server.

About the author:Melissa Peterman is a web content specialist for Innuity. For more information about digital asset management or XML Content Server go to Mark Logic.
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