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It hardly must be discussed that you succeed or fail in your internet marketing by the amount of trust you generate among your audience in your brand name. A slight chink in the trust may tell adversely on your reputation as a fair businessman and your sales will start falling immediately. another reason for a fall in your reputation may be the smear campaign launched by the competition against you. They may taint your name and your business without any good reason or fault on your part. this sort of injustice is a standard phenomenon in the web marketing. Your competitor writes only one article against you and submits it to hundreds of directories. The ad could be rather like this : be careful of This crime ( keyword ). This is acceptable to cancel years of difficult work put in by you to bring your business to its present level. One way to convince your rival is to ask him kindly to remove the offending comments and then threaten him with legal action if he still persists. If this tactic also fails, it’d be better to fight him out at his own ground, that is, by playing the SEO game with him. You can try to push the page/site with offensive comments to the second results page of search site, as an example, Google. This can be achieved thru many steps ; Push other sites that have lower rank than your rival’s site above it on the Google research page. You can do so by applying SEO techniques. three. Create new content and syndicate it thru articles, blogs, newsletters, etc for seoing your own site. You can also submit the content for syndication through RSS feeds. four. Post ideally new content on the sub-domain site. You need not fill it with hundreds of pages. Just 10-12 pages should suffice . Once this trust is built up, it is tricky for your rivals to shake it. – Make sure you have easy navigation. You need to make sure your website is fool proof. – Keep your content and promotions fresh. Nothing can turn a new visitor off of your site faster than a sale or promotion that ended 3 months ago. People like free stuff, so give it to them! Create a guide about your products or services and offer it as a free download if they fill out a form. They’ll be happy to get the information they want and you’ll get their contact information, which is basically a lead!Give your visitors the opportunity to review your products or services. Careful, though. If you have a lot of unhappy customers, you could get a lot of feedback you may not want others to see!- Add some videos to your site. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a visual explanation and a video is perfect for doing just that! It doesn’t have to be a huge project, something simple will work. Your visitors will find it very useful and the search engines will love it, too.A great way to connect with your visitors or customers is to interact with them on other websites: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are just a few of the social networks you can try. The more places people see you and your website, they better chance you have of them remembering you when they’re looking for your products or services!. – Internet Marketing Resources, Tips and Download Ebooks
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