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Before defining and discussing SEO, let me first define the word associated with it, and that is Search Engine. So what is a search engine? It is a program that helps people to find information or anything they need in the Internet. There are a lot of processes done by Search engines such as; crawling the web; Search engines run automated programs which are called bots or spiders or crawlers. Then Indexing documents when your page has been crawled the content can be indexed meaning the contents of your website is stored in a giant database of documents that make up a search engine. Next is processing of queries, when a request from users comes in the search engines, the engines retrieve from its index all the documents that match the query of the user. Then the last but not the least is ranking results. Once the search engines determined which of the documents in the database match the query, the engines the run its own algorithm to determine which must come in the first page of the results page and so.

Now that Search engine term is clear, let me discuss what search engine optimization or seo is all about. SEO is an active process of optimizing a website by developing both internal and external aspects of the website. Thus this way, a specific website can increase traffic giving more potential clients that could lead to sale or profit. There a lot of techniques in seo, each seo specialist have a different approach in seo, but they only have one goal, and that is to get as much traffic as they can and rank well on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is divided into two parts, On page optimization and Off page optimization.

On page optimization is more on analysis of the contents of the website while Off page is more on promotions and link building. On Page Optimization elements are as follows. Keywords and Keyword research which starts on brainstorming, thinking of what your potential customers will likely type into search engines. Next is Surveying customers, this is a great way to expand your keyword list so that you can have a list of keywords and phrases that is relevant to your website. Next is applying data from keyword research tool. There are a lot of tools that seo specialist can use in order to know the best keywords to use for your seo. After that is term selection, meaning among all the keywords that you research, then do performance testing and analytics, this is the best way to know if your keywords are of good choice.

Another part of On Page optimization for seo is the meta tags, including the title, description and keyword tags. You also have to set the robots tag, analyze the document length, style sheets, keyword density, keyword prominence, keyword proximity, domain name, link structure, link navigation, website structure, folder structure, sitemap, htaccess, error documents, mod rewrite and most importantly in seo, the content of your website. I

Content is one of the biggest factors in seo. Contents in seo must be keyword rich but not spamming type. Keywords should be inserted naturally in website contents.

The next part of seo is Off Page optimization and now this focus on link building and promotion. There are different kinds of link building, one way link, reciprocal or two way link and the three way linking. There are a lot of ways to building like to your website and promote or advertise your website as well such as forum posting, blog commenting, yahoo answers, yahoo groups postings, yahoo message boards, social and network bookmarkings, directory submission, link exchange, article submission, press release submission, building of blogs, posting on classified ad sites and many more.

There are a lot of points to analyze before you seo your website. Site overview, nature of business, the home page, site dimensions, products, services, number of pages, phrase and specific pages, keyword density, google, yahoo and msn status of indexed page, link popularity, positioning in respective search engines, sitemap, navigation, analyzing internal links, broken links, content review, checking relevancy and website projections.

In seo there are different techniques, its up to the seo specialist to use this techniques in order to get the results they want.

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