Benefits of Self Storage

Benefits of Self Storage

If you’ve ever felt you have too much stuff and not enough house, self storage may be for you. Self storage allows you to rent a storage unit in a size that works best for you. You might only need a small, closet-sized unit for several small items or one or two larger items. You might want larger unit for RV storage or boat storage. You might rent an outdoor, covered unit for vehicle storage, where you can cover your car and leave it for a season. Or, you might need a small room-sized storage unit for furniture or business paperwork.

The reasons for self storage and the amount of things that can be protected and stored there are endless. Personal users and business users alike choose self storage to store things they need to keep away from their homes and businesses, where these things often amount to little more than clutter that gets in the way. Using self storage clears out that space for things that you need and use everyday, so you can use your home or office storage spaces more efficiently.

With traditional storage facilities, you pay a fee and sign a contract for a set amount of time. The company may move the items into storage for you, and they may charge based on the number or size of the items you’re storing. You’ll have to let them know when you’re coming to access your storage, and they might charge a fee each time you need to do this. There will probably be someone there taking note of what you add or remove to your storage facility, which might even increase the price.

And since the storage company has access to your items, they might move your things any number of times from one storage unit to another, without your consent. This only increases the likelihood that something may break, be damaged or disappear.

Self storage has several benefits over traditional storage.

It’s more private. You can put whatever you want into the storage unit, and the storage company need not know what it is. You’re expected to not store certain dangerous or perishable items, but beyond a few restrictions based on common sense, you can store what you want. They need no inventory of items, so you can remove and add at will, without having to share that knowledge with the storage company.

It’s more convenient. You’ll find more self storage facilities in your local area than traditional storage companies, so you don’t have to travel as far to use self storage. And unlike traditional storage, as long as the facility is open, you can access your storage unit. You don’t need an appointment or to give them advance notice that you’re coming.

It’s more secure. You provide your own lock, so no one can get into your self storage unit but you. A previous user won’t hold a key to allow them access to your things because you’ve provided the padlock. Not even the storage facility owner or employees can get into your unit, so they can’t move your items and risk some things becoming damaged or lost.

It’s more cost effective. You won’t be required to sign a long term contract for self storage. Whether you’re using it for mini storage for a small amount of items or you need long term storage, the contracts usually go month to month. And you pay only for the space you use. With traditional storage, there might be only size unit available. Self storage units range in size, and also vary widely in price. You can move to a smaller or larger storage unit easily, and you can cancel at any time, often with the ability to be refunded for the remaining time that you’ve already paid for.

It’s a better solution for most people. From the person who wants to do everything himself to the person who wants privacy, flexibility and a good price for storage but wants to pay a little extra for some helpful services, self storage is a good choice.

If you only want to pay for the storage rental, then you’ll need to find a way to transport your item to the storage unit and pack them in yourself. But if you want the benefits of self storage like ability to access your items without advance notice, while getting professional help with moving and packing, for an extra charge many self storage facilities can help you pack your items and make the best use of your storage unit space.

Simply Self Storage – What Could be Easier than Simply?
Simply Self Storage is the largest privately owned self storage company in the United States and Puerto Rico. We own and/or operate over 228 facilities with over 16.1 million square feet of storage space.
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