Cognos 8 Business Intelligence: an Overview

The world leader in corporate performance and business intelligence, Cognos, was proud to announce a new innovation—the Cognos 8 Business Intelligence. This is the ultimate when it comes to business intelligence functionality.

The Architecture of Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

Cognos 8 Business Intelligence boasts of a strong and a proven foundation. It stems from the powerful service-oriented architecture that came with Cognos ReportNet in the year 2003. Generating almost $250 million in license revenue, ReportNet is considered the fastest-selling product in the entire history of Cognos.

In a single architecture, Cognos 8 Business Intelligence offers your business the complete package of business intelligence features in one single product. Cognos 8 Business Intelligence is all users’ and administrators’ dream of a simple zero footprint interface that is easy to use, deploy, and integrate. A better and more organized performance management system is assured with Cognos 8 Business Intelligence with its high-end technology foundation and an environment that enables high user adoption and drives for better decision making for the personnel involved.

Enhancements from Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

? Open Data Access Capacity. This feature of Cognos 8 Business Intelligence eliminated all barriers to accessing data. From reporting to analysis, event management to scorecarding, the complete range of business intelligence functionality can now be easily performed across the organization, which allows for a more coordinated decision-making process within the company.

? Single Query Engine and Metadata Layer. With this feature, Cognos 8 Business Intelligence offers a single place that can be trusted for storing important information and a consistent viewing of any updates that may have a relevant effect on the business.

? Comprehensive Reporting Abilities. With this enhancement, Cognos 8 Business Intelligence is now made more compatible for real-time dashboards, production style reports, and ad-hoc inquiries. More dynamic reports and a richer graphical formatting enables the user to access a higher level of information especially when it comes to creating reports and dashboards.

? Drag-and-drop Ease of Use. Neophytes and not-so-techy users will find it easier to perform complex applications with Cognos 8 Business Intelligence. This means all sorts of analysis can now be easily accomplished including the comparison of various levels of information, applying compound filters, and a whole lot more regardless of the size of the data sources.

Business Event Management with Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

Offering the only event management for business in the industry, Cognos 8 Business Intelligence automatically alerts users of performance events and allows them to monitor all data that is significant with these events all through the RSS channel that is basically based on the Web. Any changes to the status of a significant performance event will be known to all users in real time without the occurrences of SPAM, which is common in most of the alerting technologies that came before Cognos 8 Business Intelligence. With this business management system, your event is fully taken cared of in its entire lifestyle, including all the actions undertaken and modifications made, from start to the completion of the project.


Cognos 8 Business Intelligence definitely deserves getting the title of being the best business intelligence system that came into being. Making a big impact and influence in the business management process, it definitely will definitely be part of the industry for a long time. It’s ability to enable managers monitor performance events and track events from start to finish will enable every business to come up with accurate decisions that will greatly affect their organizations. Every problem and opportunity is addressed accordingly and surely everybody in the organization will feel that they are an important part of the everyday business—thanks to Cognos 8 Business Intelligence.

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