Data Loss after installing Solaris 10 Kernel Patches

Data Loss after installing Solaris 10 Kernel Patches

In most cases, you use a patch to upgrade your Sun Solaris operating system. These patches are also provide the latest fixes to remove all the bugs and firmware issues. While installing latest patches has many advantages, it can also result in system panic, Kernel damage, data corruption, and denial of Service security issue. In most of the above situations, your system becomes unbootable making all the data saved in your hard drive becomes inaccessible. The most easy way to access your data is by restoring it from an updated backup. But if in case, no backup is available or backup falls short to restore the required data, then you will need to use advanced Sun Solaris Sparc Data Recovery Software.

Consider a practical instance, where you install Solaris 10 with patch 118822-29 or later and without patch 118833-11. Once your patch gets installed and you restart your system, it does not boot.


The root cause for unbootable behavior of your system is Kernel data structure corruption, which further results in Kernel damage and various other panics. The behavior can occur due to very minor changes in environment.


To make your system bootable and access the data saved in your hard drive, you will need to install Solaris 10 with patch 118833-11 or later on your system.

Note: Removing the already installed patches is a difficult task and removes some good updates from your system. So, you should not remove the patches you have already installed, instead locate and install the latest patch available.

In most cases, installing the above patch resolves your issue and your hard drive becomes inaccessible. However, if the above resolution fails to resolve your problem and your system remains unbootable, then you need to opt for advanced Sun Solaris Sparc Data Recovery Software to recover your data. These applications are built with highly graphical user-interface that makes them self-explanatory without any prior technical knowledge. Such Sun Solaris Sparc Recovery applications employ advanced scanning mechanisms to recover your hard drive data. These recovery tools also perform recovery after fsck command fails to repair the system data structures.

Stellar Phoenix (Solaris – Sparc) software is a power-packed Sun Solaris Data Recovery utility that recovers all lost and missing files and folders from Solaris operating system on Sparc platform. This read only recovery software supports UFS file systems. It gets installed on Windows (XP, 2003, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95) and the affected UNIX hard drive should be connected as slave.

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