IT Articles : DBA easy Control

IT Articles : DBA easy Control

Say goodbye to endless night shifts spent in the server room! Farewell to degrading manual labor on archiving, transferring and recovering data. Bye-bye the sleepless after-hours! You will no longer have to spend all that time on performing general maintenance and routine operations on an Oracle database, however complex it is.

?Hire an invisible assistant to monitor databases instead of you! DBA Easy Control for Oracle by is trained in minutes, and performs flawlessly once you tell it what to do. Being developed by professional database developers, DBA Easy Control is a highly educated and professionally trained assistant to a busy database administrator. It can monitor the Alert Log for errors, watch the free space based on your thresholds, keep an eye on access rights, look after the archive log area, and monitor many more important parameters for multiple Oracle databases.

?Relax by off-loading routine operations to a prompt assistant! DBA Easy Control automates routine operations by preparing a SQL query to be performed manually or periodically by the system scheduler. Transfer tables, sections and sub-sections, re-build indexes automatically, calculate space required for a transfer, add and resize files, and do many more important tasks simultaneously

thanks to concurrent parallel execution of the jobs.

?See what’s going on at any time! DBA Easy Control enables instant access to important database information at any time. No more lengthy delays and no need to connect to each database to get an update on its status! DBA Easy Control provides information on free space in tables and extents, user roles and privileges as well as information on how they were obtained, current settings for system and object audit, dates of granting and revoking system and object roles and privileges, and many more. You can search information easily at many databases. The more databases you manage, the more valuable DBA Easy Control becomes as your irreplaceable assistant!

?Hire a personal secretary with technical background! Being an accurate administrator, DBA Easy Control keeps change history log for all databases. Easy access to change history is indispensible when investigating carious issues on errors,

malfunctions, access and security violations. DBA Easy Control keeps all documentation and manuals in a single repository, allowing all users of the system access these documents. ?

DBA Easy Control is not a human, and cannot be hired to do your job. You can’t pay it to do the work for you, but you can buy it to help you with your daily routine and make your work both easier and more effective. Visit for more information and to download the free evaluation version.

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