Debug XML Documents

How to find out where is the problem with your XML document?

1. Fastest solution – isolate the problem:

2. Slowest solution:

3. Use the online tool XML debugger:

I’ve just developed to help on this process and is very simple to use.

Run the XML Debugger.

What is this debugger?

This PHP debugger is the beginning of the XML mini-portal, a project, and is growing from just an idea into a real-life XML resources.

How can I use this debugger?

You can copy and past an Iframe, from the link above, into your page or use a web service provided by at XML Debugger API Web Service

Source code

You can find the PHP class and examples of use at the, package 5675

A textual object is a well-formed XML document if:

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simple, very flexible text format designed to help large-scale electronic publishing. XML is also playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variety of data on the Web and elsewhere.XML Markup vocabularyWe envision applications of Extensible Markup Language (XML) where a single XML document may contain elements and attributes that are defined for and used by multiple software modules. It is the namespaces specification the idea behind this is: if such a markup vocabulary exists which is well-understood and for which there is useful software available, it is better to re-use this markup rather than re-invent it.

Thales Jacobi is a lead web developer with experience in important markets and niches across 2 countries. This XML Debugger’s PHP class (source coude) is hosted by
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