Don't Make the Top 30 SEO Mistake

SEO consultants will tell you that you need to be in the Top 30
or you can pretty much give up any hope of getting a visitor to
your web site.

Yes, there is truth in that Top 30 goal. Occasionally, a
potential customer will make his or her way to the #30 position
in search of a particular product or service. The odds just
aren’t that high.

Yet, industry research and ongoing search engine user behavior
analysis shows that most people will focus on the first few
results. Who can blame them? It takes a great deal of patience
to wade through the rest of the options.

It’s going to mean a great deal more if you can get that prized
search term in the Top 10 (first screen) or even the Top 3 or
Top 5 with the right SEO
marketing strategies.

With so much competition, is that even possible? Yes – if you’re
realistic. Here’s the key: don’t spend an inordinate amount of
time in the single keyword “cars” if you offer something more
specific, such as “automotive accessories.” You stand a much
better chance of getting that coveted top spot with a more
reasonable search phrase.

Don’t ignore those single words if they really represent what
you do. Generally, single words have a fighting chance if other
SEO factors are rooting for you along the way, including pages
with lots of content, options to include content up high, other
pages featuring the same keyword, a domain name with the
keyword, a page name with the keyword and plenty of link
popularity built around the keyword. You just have to tie it all

Obviously, fewer people search for “automotive accessories” than
“cars.” But you’ll be able to reach more search engine users –
and prospective customers – if you frame most of your SEO
strategy around specific search engine phrases that adequately
reflect what you do. Join the Top 10 Club and reap the benefits

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