Globalize Your Delphi or C++ Builder Projects

International markets are utterly important for many modern IT businesses, first of all those developing software. While it is easy enough to translate the user interface of a software project into another language, maintaining and supporting all localized editions of a single product quickly becomes a pain, forcing many enterprises with successful international sales strategies to back out of markets in languages other than English. This is not an acceptable approach, especially considering that certain regions can increase your sales by as much as 50% when offered a correctly localized product. Fortunately, there are options if you use Borland/CodeGear Delphi or C++ Builder as your development environment. The obvious choice is Integrated Translation Environment provided by Borland/CodeGear as a standard solution for localizing Delphi or C++ Builder projects. This, however, has no other advantages besides being the default option. Supplied exclusively with the $3,000 Architect edition of Delphi or C++ Builder, Integrated Translation Environment (ITE) is heavy on resources, hard to learn and to use, and requires re-building the entire project in order to add an extra language. And if you wanted a truly multi-language product, you can forget about ITE as it completely lacks the ability to switch languages on the fly while your product is running. If you want a more affordable and more flexible approach, looking for a third-party solution is inevitable. There are plenty of those on the market too, but most of them suffer from one or more problems plaguing ITE. Certain third-party tools require additional VCL components to be embedded into each and every form, while other solutions require re-building the project to enable extra languages. Localizer for Delphi by ( is free of all of those issues. The solution allows building a single-executable project that contains as many localizations in different languages as needed. Your customers will appreciate the ability to switch between languages on the fly without having to restart your product. If you are doing custom development, your clients will be able to edit localizations or add more languages without you having to re-build the project for them. Localizer is easy on resources, and offers a quick and easy learning curve. It does not make you put its controls on every visual form, and does not force you to make any global changes to the project. Used Integrated Translation Environment? You can switch to Localizer with a minimum of effort. And if you were ever to stop using Localizer for Delphi, you can roll back to a single-locale project by removing or commenting out just a few lines of code. Learning Localizer does not take years. You have literally nothing to lose – but the whole globe to gain. Why not try Localizer for Delphi today? Visit to obtain your free evaluation copy.

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