Google’s Freshness Algorithm provides you Freshest of Results for your Searches

Google has geared up itself to offer freshest of results possible with reference to the search queries depending upon the relevancy and time factor. Through the modified Caffeine web indexing system, Google has made significant improvements to the ranking algorithm which in turn reflects on approximately 35 percent of searches giving you updated results which are relevant and fresh as well.

You can now practically watch how Google understands your search query and relates the same by displaying the latest information on it. This means that when you search for an event you are referring to either the current status or its occurrence in the recent future unless you have specified the time frame.

This Google algorithm offers results of searches related to latest trending events and topics which have been just uploaded for instance it could be breaking news relating to a natural disaster or a political event. You will find the freshest of results on your screen when you search for them. For instance – Trial of Michael Jackson’s Doctor and the jury’s verdict.

In case you are following a particular event such as elections or competitions and wish to know the latest updates, you will get them in the first shot rather than those which could have happened a couple of years ago. For instance – Miss World Competitions or the NBA scores, the results of the latest competitions will be highlighted.

Similarly with frequent updates, you can get latest information related to a hot topic or an event which has been in recent discussions all across the globe enabling you to get a better picture or an overview of the same. For instance – Reviews of latest mobile phones or automobiles will provide you with have a clear picture of the same and its future.

Well, this can be indeed considered a superior level of search where relevancy and freshness is given due importance while aiming to hit right on the bulls eye of the search query. Google is all set to emphasis on the coverage specific results rather than past results which could be of little use. At the same time this is surely going to change the search engine dynamics to a great extent.

Following these modifications, almost every SEO Company will surely need to work their way out to ensure their websites are even more up to the mark and their pages rank at higher levels in order to gain due visibility. In the near future, do keep a look out for improvements in the search algorithm for Google is committed to stay well ahead of the other search engines in the foray.

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