Solaris Tips : How to resolve BAD SUPERBLOCK

Solaris Tips : How to resolve BAD SUPERBLOCK

Superblock in UNIX operating system consists of important information about the file system and behavior tuning parameters. Corruption in superblock mainly occurs due to file system corruption, unexpected system, virus infections, and more. Two major hazards of superblock corruption are unmountable hard drive and data inaccessibility. For complete access of data in such circumstances, you will need to restore the data from an updated backup. But, in case of absence of an updated backup, you will need to use advanced Sun Solaris Intel Recovery Software that can recover your data. Consider a practical scenario, where you encounter the below error message when you boot your system:“BAD SUPERBLOCK AT BLOCK 16: NUMBER OF DIRECTORIES OUT OF RANGE”After the above error message appears, the hard drive data becomes inaccessible. In addition, you encounter the same error message even when the FSCK command attempts to check and repair the file systems at the boot time. Cause:Th oot cause for the occurrence of the above error message is the corruption in superblock. Resolution:To troubleshoot and resolve the above error message and access the hard drive data, you will need to take below actions:Firstly, you need to run the FSCK command manually and try to boot the system.If the problem persists, then you will need to use alternate superblock.However, if both the above actions fail to resolve your issue and the data still remains inaccessible, then you will need to reinstall Sun Solaris operating system. A clean reinstall of Sun Solaris will erase all the formally saved data from the hard drive partition or volume. To recover the data after formatting the hard drive, you will need to use powerful Sun Solaris  Data Recovery Software to recover the lost data. Such Sun Solaris Intel Recovery tools employ high end scanning methods to recover your lost files and folders. With highly interactive user interface and advanced features, these tools are easy to understand without any prior technical understanding. These recovery tools provide complete recovery of the lost data after FSCK command is unable to repair the system data structures. Stellar Phoenix (Solaris – Intel) software is a feature rich Sun Solaris Intel Data Recovery tool that recovers data from Solaris operating system on Intel platform. This read only recovery tool supports UFS file systems. It gets installed on Windows (XP, 2003, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95) and the affected UNIX hard drive should be connected as slave.

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