IT Articles : Oracle E-Business Suite Customization

IT Articles : Oracle E-Business Suite Customization

Having already discussed the relevance of Java Technologies at ?Oracle E-Business Suite Customization: New Directions?. Not only for Oracle Company itself, but also for the Oracle E-Business customers, whose investments must be preserved. At present tools and frameworks are offered, of which you will use if you intend to develop in Java. Java language itself is an object oriented language, therefore if you are not accustomed to this paradigm, it is strongly recommended that you study this paradigm that is already fully developed. In order to develop in Java you will use a lot of standards and libraries, they are known by its name, J2ME, J2SE and J2EE, to portable, standard and enterprise applications respectively; Jdeveloper is an integrated development environment (IDE) built in Java for Java development. It is complete considering the development life cycle, so you can model, code, debug, test and deploy. It is prepared for Web, XML, Web Services, SQL, J2EE and Oracle ADF development. It provides built-in features for open sources tools and frameworks, like Struts, Ant, JUnit and CVS. As said by Oracle, JDeveloper is the tool of choice for Forms, Reports and Designer customers because it carries a similar development model.

Struts is a java framework considered a de facto standard to build web applications. It is a is a solution to systematize what was happing when people used Java Servlets and JSP liberally. Struts implements the (MVC) Mode View Controller pattern, with the intent of separating business logic (Model) from web application flow of control (Controller) and JSP/html code (View).

J2EE is a structural design, its purpose is to define standards to resolve enterprise level problems, like persistence, scalability, availability, security, distributed computing and so on. This standard should be followed by application server vendors, so a J2EE application would run on any J2EE application server complaint, like Oracle OC4J (OAS), IBM Web Sphere, BEA Web Logic, JBoss, the lists goes on and on. It is not a simple architecture to fix a simple problem. Be prepared to study and comprehend the complexity of enterprise programming.

EJB is a J2EE standard to identify components in order to write business logic at the server side, to define a domain layer to access data and to deal with asynchronous and filing messages. The last EJB standard release which is the 3.0, became much simpler to develop with. The previous one (the 2.0 and 2.1) should be used with a series of design patterns to solve usual problems, what make the code not so easy to program and understand. The first one (the 1.0 and 1.1) was of no use to enterprise level development, it did not implement even a one to many relationship. Oracle ADF in accordance to Oracle, is an application development framework designed to simplify J2EE development and gain productivity and ease of use of Oracle forms to the J2EE platform. ADF with JDeveloper is the ideal choice for Oracle E-Business Suite, due to the fact that Oracle made this environment recognizable to Oracle Forms, Reports and Designer developers.

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