IT Articles : Reason to Invest in SOA

IT Articles : Reason to Invest in SOA

Big companies like EBay, Amazon and Hewlett Packard have all invested in an SOA for different reasons with main reasons applauding content delivery, content management and digital asset management solutions.?

Big Reasons For Big Companies to Invest in SOA


Companies Need a Flexible Architecture and a Loosely Coupled System

Companies with tightly coupled financial systems, for example, found it frustrating to adapt to new marketing programs. Companies with rigid architectures have a difficult time being able to change sometimes a very small thing with out having to involve all of the systems. Companies need a way to break up an inflexible system that was doing the company more harm than good. Now, with SOA, companies can break everything up into loosely coupled systems and attach an SOA on top of it all and be able to change things within separate systems hassle free.


Reducing Operational Costs

The biggest concern for large companies investing in an SOA is the return on investment of course. Companies have found that SOAs save them money almost as soon as they are installed.

For a Couple Reasons

Reduction of redundancy

Reduction in fraud as well as

Reduction of in-house employees


Content Management

Companies like EBay, with millions and millions of lines of code and more than two petabytes of data looked to an SOA system to manage all of its content. Huge publishing companies with files of digital images and huge files of information need ways to control content, search content and reuse content when applicable. An SOA not only creates a management system for all of a company?s content, with SOA, a company can also search within the terabytes and petabytes of content to find what they are looking for instantly.


Whether your company is trying to make a huge IT monster into an easy to use system or whether your company is trying to install an easy system to make daily operations more efficient through enterprise search and high tech digital asset management systems, consider an SOA to improve workflow, save money and improve your business.

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