Reuse and Repurpose your Content in Unknown Ways With the Help of an Xml Application and Ooxml

Reuse and Repurpose your Content in Unknown Ways With the Help of an Xml Application and Ooxml

OOXML, (Open Office XML) is an XML specification for documents like spreadsheets, notes, presentations and just about any other form of digital media. Because Office 2007 already saves files in OOXML, any enterprise currently using Office 2007, is already authoring directly into XML. OOXML with the right XML content server allows your organization to reuse and repurpose existing content in new and profitable ways. OOXML

• OOXML is platform neutral, so that information and documents produced by applications on one platform can be used by applications on other platforms.

• OOXML supports multiple languages and scripts and is on track to becoming an international standard.

An XML content server is an XML application platform, enabling companies to load, query, manipulate, and render XML content using the W3C–standard XQuery language. The XML content server is built specifically for content and is customized for your company and managed in its own content repository. Because the XML content server is also an enterprise search, your organization can now combine all of its content into a common repository where you will be able to build content applications, query content for previously undiscovered information, integrate content from different sources and then deliver content through multiple channels.

By taking a platform approach with your company’s content, you will quickly see new ways to create new products and in turn find new profitable opportunities.

An XML Content Server With OOXML Allows You To

• Mine content to uncover previously hidden information.

• Integrate content from different resources.

• Accelerate new product designs by repurposing and rendering previous content.

• Reuse content to perform a function other than the one or which it was originally intended into multiple products.

Publishers, government organizations and insurance companies can all agree that content is inevitable and it is increasing each year. If your company is already using Office 2007, it has never been easier to repurpose content, dynamically publish “new” content in new ways and perform analytic functions not possible before. Even if none of your content is in Office 2007- with the right XML content server, everything will automatically be converted without missing a beat. With your large contentbase and the drive all that is missing is an XML content server.

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