Safeguard From Online Fraud Using Whois Api And Whois Web Service

The last few years saw an increase in the number of online scams and frauds. This happens due to the ignorance among Internet users on how to save themselves from fraudsters. Many people still don’t know that with the help of a WHOIS web service they can protect themselves from online fraud. Not only that, this service also safeguards public interest and helps to comply with the relevant laws. But the question is how? WHOIS services are used to check the registration and ownership information of any domain. WHOIS is basically a response/query protocol using which information regarding IP address, domain name, and an autonomous system number can be extracted from databases. Normally Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is used for transporting WHOIS. WHOIS API is a unified interface of WHOIS Lookup and WHOIS Parser.WHOIS APIThe WHOIS API web service is mainly used by domain owners to check the expiry date and other relevant information for a purchased domain. Earlier when this service was not available, website owners had a tough time finding out the details about any website they purchased, such as its expiry date. Those using this service should have a complete knowledge about using WHOIS Lookup through the command line tool. They can access web based interfaces directly from the registrar to make use of this service.Possible applications of usages of Whois API•    Tracking domain registrations •    Checking domain name availability •    Advanced Whois web pages •    Detecting (credit card) fraud •    Investigating spam, fraud, intrusions, and other online misbehavior •    Researching Internet infrastructure and usage •    Locating users geographically •    Much more… The possiblities are limitless Some Other Uses of the WHOIS service•    It facilitates inquiries for conducting trademark clearances and helps to fight against misuse, intellectual property infringement, and theft on the Web as per the national and international laws.•    Law enforcement authorities also use this service for investigation and law enforcement purposes, such as criminal offences and terrorist activities.Whois API Use case scenario:There are many blogs and websites that are maintained by webmasters who do not wish to divulge their real identity and sometimes try to mislead users. Those who intend to carry out serious business transactions over the Internet prefer to check the identity of a business to find out whether it is safe to carry out business with a particular online company or not. Subscribing to websites offering WHOIS services such as WHOIS Lookup would be beneficial for such people as it will provide them with the personal details of a domain owner like address, email ID, phone number and a variety of other relevant information for different types of domains such as .net, .com and .org.So make good use of the WHOIS service to operate safely in the virtual world.

Whois API is a Whois web service that provides Whois Lookup and Whois data parsing. WhoisAPI produces structured, machine-readable Whois data in XML and JSON.Whois Web service can be used for tracking domain registrations, checking domain name availability and advanced Whois web pages lookup.

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