Sap Bpx Certification Program

A new SAP certification course is starting next month which can help SAP professionals to reduce the gap between IT and business. This new SAP certificate course is named as Business process expert certification course. SAP announced this course as BPX certification program. This certification will help SAP professionals to improve their SOA skills. This certificate course was made so that sap professionals can compose business process, from design to monitoring and optimizing. This SAP BPX certification program also gives a disciplined approach so that business process experts can help their companies to adapt more quickly and effectively to changing business needs. An online social network site named as SAP business process expert community (BPX) deals with customers, business analysts, consultants and SAP experts was launched two years ago. In this social networking site they discussed their problems where SAP professionals wanted to improve their business process skills and SAP customers wanted more business process experts to maximize the value of their SAP software.

SAP decided to announce this new certification at TechEd in Las Vegas, which attracted more than 6,000 IT managers, administrators and developers. This certification will include lessons like composition tools and designing user interfaces. This course cost in the range of $300 to $500, depending upon the level. This course is divided into five courses, each ranging in length from one to three days. This certificate will have an impact on SAP professional’s career, as they can manage business process work also. Previously they had to outsource their work to business analysts and consultants belonging to other countries, as it was cheap for them.

This online site (BPX) has nearly 400,000 women members. This course can be useful also to technical professionals who want to gain knowledge about business process and business analysts who want to gain more technical knowledge. A member of BPX community, taught a pilot course in Tokyo, which was highly rated in SAP educational history in Japan. The course is structured in such a way that the information can be shared very easily and in a fast way. If this course is taught to graduates then they can improve on their skills and have a technical knowledge. When SAP professionals learn this BPX course it will give them an added advantage in their career and get a high pay in the enterprise technology world. SAP BPX ranks are sure to grow quickly over the next several years.

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