“How do I become an SAP Consultant?”Business experience in the relevant area is of the utmost importance.  There are various areas in which one can become an SAP Consultant, e.g. Human Resources, Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and many more.    Visit the SAP Global web site at for more information on the various functional and focus areas.

 What is the pass rate for ceritification?”The overall pass rate is 70%.

When do I get to know my exam result?”After completing the exam, the candidate gets a result immediately.   These results are then sent to SAP AG for final verification and uploading.

“If I fail, what is the waiting period?”A candidate can only retake the test after one month’s waiting period.  (Refer to the Policy for Participation in SAP’s Consultant Certification Program for further details)

“How long after writing the exam will I receive my certificate?”Once the exam results have been verified by SAP AG and the qualifications uploaded will the certificates be issued.  All certificates will be posted to the candidate as per the address supplied.  It could take approximately 2-3 weeks before the certificates can be issued.

Can I obtain a list of certified consultants?”No, this information is confidential and not released.

“Can a headcounter or anyone else get a list of the people have certified at a company?”No, this information is confidential and not released.  However SAP Africa will verify the candidate qualifications.

“I have been working on an SAP system in my job and have done a few courses at your SAP Training Centre.  I want to write the certification exam – what must I do?”Ensure that you have the relevant knowledge to complete an SAP Certification exam.  Then enroll onto one of public exam dates.

“Can I transfer my Certificate to another Company?”Yes, candidates can transfer previous qualifications to their new company

“How do I make payment for my exam?”Delegates can make payment either directly into SAP Africa’s banking account or pay by: cash, credit card or bank guaranteed cheque. 

“Can I get certified in more than one area of SAP?”Yes, it depend on your level of business experience as well as SAP experience.

Will I be a consultant at the end of the Academy Training?”At the end of the Academy you will be classed as a junior consultant, having to work under the guidance of a senior consultant.

“Does SAP Africa help me find a job after completing the Academy Training?”No, SAP Africa does not assist in job hunting.

“Should I attend the Academy Training or the Standard courses?”Academy Training enables certification after a short period of time. Standard courses will also enable one to have the knowledge to write the certification exam, but could take longer to accomplish.

“How do I decide which area to focus on if I do not have the relevant experience?”We would advise an individual to only attempt an area with the relevant business experience within that area.

“I am fron a programming background and am interested in getting involved in SAP.  What SAP training should I attend?”SAP’s programming language is called ABAP.  It is therefore advisable to focus on ABAP as an area for individuals with a programming background.

Lanre Awojoodu is a certified SAP Business One Solution Consultant, and presently works for C2g consulting (SAP Channel Partners).

He writes about topics on Sap Business One
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