Security : Beware your Personal computer

Security : Beware your Personal computer

Buying a computer is very simple but maintaining it is a tedious process as well as a pre-requisite. You never know when the computer will crash down or get hacked by intruders. The computer is a very delicate machine and needs to be taken care of. If you keep your computer maintained from the very beginning then it is likely to give you improved performance day by day and will keep on working smoothly for years. There are certain ways to start with.

Your IP address acts as a major source of information for the internet hackers. As and when you visit any website or any program your IP address remains visible to whole of the internet world. To avoid this from happening it is advised to use a proxy server which will provide you with a fake IP address to work on hence keeping your privacy intact.?

Hackers can easily gain access to your personal details like bank account number, credit card information, delete your important files, plant a virus and so many of other damages. It is better to prevent them as prevention is better than cure.?

Always use the latest version of the anti-virus softwares and regularly update it. New bugs are developed day by day and your PC needs to be protected against them.?

It is a known fact that passwords are meant to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your personal accounts. But passwords no longer keep you secure. They can easily be traced down by the experts. It is always advised to create passwords containing numbers and meaningless words. Try not to use names of family members or friends as these types of passwords are easy to *****. In short make them hard-to-guess.

Never visit unknown sites or links and use firewalls to stay away from the unwanted advertisers who never stop bothering you. Try not to read suspicious e-mails even if they are from your friends.?

While you are surfing there are n number of chances of viruses entering your computer and hackers also starting their work as and when you log on. Disable your internet connection while it is not in use. This will reduce your chances of getting infected from viruses.?

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