Security : Hole in iTunes

Security : Hole in iTunes

Are you using iPhone or iPod? Then its about time you udate the software used by these hardware platforms, iTunes and QuickTime.

Security breaches have been found in the software associated and distributed worldwide with the iPod and iPhone from Apple. There are several security leaks of which some are pretty extensive. The most known security holes have been blocked in new patches of these two software applications. There are ten different security holes that can be tightened up through automatic update on both the Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

The errors utilized in QuickTime lies in the media player that is associated with the media software iTunes. Most of the iPod and iPhone users utilize iTunes to update their media player with new music, videos and podcasts. The software iTunes is needed to use the iPhone at all, and to restore, update or handle media files.

The security errors can in worst case make it possible for malicious hackers to install software on your computer that should not be there.

They disguise this destructive and malicious software as movie cuts that will make the users to open them and give access to the hackers. The malicious code will make QuickTime to crash and if possible to install other malicious software to work in batch on your computer without you knowing it at all.

It is really bad news that malicious code is hidden in media files and let users believe that its only a movie they open up and not a malicious code hidden in it. The internet transfers more and more media files, so it is of great concern this trend.

A security?hole in iTunes will also be fixed now together with an upgrade patch that will make the software ready for the next version of iPhone operating system 3.0 which is expected within short time.

So my advise to you is to update your applications iTunes and QuickTime now, and make sure you are updating it on a regular basis to implement the latest versions with fixes that at least takes the most common and known security holes in these applications.


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