Security : risk email hacking

Security : risk email hacking

Theft of your personal date from email is not an amazing event, as many of the similar events are coming before us day by day. Hacking of personal data with US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin can be an apparent example to make you aware at all. You put your several sensitive date while opening an email account, so it entails for being alert always to skip from any hacking.

Normally there are two requirements to enter any email account, the email ID and the password. Your email ID is know to all whom you mail or chat but only it is the password that make your account personalized. So, the hackers now have only the need to know your password to hack any information out from there. However you may be awry that how can one know your password that always remains secret with you? Yes you are true to some extent but the reset option enables the hacker to create a new one and use it as account holder.

So the critical aspect to be followed here is to filling out your account form with much cautious. For your password security you have to answer one or two questions asked by the mail service provider. Normally you choose only those questions which are very common or for which you can retain the exact answer anytime. These are generally your phone number, house number, your pet dogs’ number. But all these should be avoided while answering the question there. The hackers normally guess such questions and take advantage of the reset option to get a new password for your Email ID. Further many of you have habit of noting down the detail on page that too is dangerous, may be it can be trapped with some one closer to you.

Besides this you always choose a strong password that includes numerical and character or even symbols often. However it depends upon the service provider that whether they are allowing such option or not but when you mix a character with the numerical it becomes considerably tough to be hacked by any hackers. Like you can answer your security question as my+pet+dog+name +is+abc. Further some service provider let you put your won question, so always see if you are getting this option or not. If you get this option then you can put more security to you email account.

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