SEO Company or SEO Freelancer a Race of Best

SEO is the cheapest and most productive way to generate leads for your business. Unfortunately most companies know very little about SEO and they tend to think that hiring a freelance web master and in house discussion sessions would give them the same results as a professional search engine optimization firm. But in each and every case such trials lead to loss of resources than any materialistic gains. Why is it better to outsource?Search Engines are continuously updating their algorithms. It is practically impossible to track their changes unless a dedicated professional team is reviewing search engine trends through study of a wide group of sites. Also the team needs to be adept to the latest internet marketing trends and take decisive actions with proper precaution. An SEO firm is more likely to be aware of such changes to search engine optimization algorithms than an in-house individual. An individual will likely spend the majority of his or her time developing and implementing SEO strategies. Outsource SEO professionals must perform these same functions while constantly studying the varying trends, staying updated with changing trends and familiarizing themselves with the latest Search engine optimisation theories. This is a highly unpredictable industry and only that SEO Firm with R&D set-up can survive amidst the whimsical trends of the search engines competing against each other.Hardcore SEO industry professionals are able to successfully predict the changes associated with SEO through continuous study. An SEO firm generally has a number of SEO consultants on his pay roll and each of them specialize in particular domains, be it link building, SEO Copy writing, web page optimizing etc. These consultants collectively team up to execute a successful search engine optimisation campaign.Time is another concern with in-house SEO. Will one individual be able to optimize multiple pages, write content, tags, build links, run reports and perform other SEO tasks in a timely fashion? One person can only do so much. In the online business world, time is money. Most companies can do in a matter of days what might take an individual week to do. Many companies who use in-house SEO personnel spend more than necessary to get the same amount of work done in a longer amount of time.What about cost? Surely the cost of hiring an individual freelancer is substantially lower than the cost of hiring an SEO company, However time concerns and professional expertise will make SEO outsourcing cheaper than having one guy do all. Kind of Jack Of all trades but master of none.In any case, is SEO outsourcing the right move for your company?Whether you choose to outsource to an SEO Company or hire a freelance SEO, here are a few things to keep in mind:Do your research by performing a simple cost/benefit analysis on what SEO outsourcing versus hiring freelance SEO cost. In some cases, freelance SEO maybe a better option, especially when SEO is not that significant for you. rather you want a webmaster who can maintain your site as also do some SEO stuff.Whether you hire a SEO company or a webmaster, you should try to acertain their knowledge. Also are they open to discussions and accept criticisms. It is better to do business with someone who shares ideas and insights than one who simply learns from others but is miserly to release his knowledge. Next generation techniques are only developed by innovative individuals who are employees of some companies. Exceptions do occur.Make a reference check. Contact references and try to know the results.Believe me, SEO is more important for small companies compared to the bigger ones. This is for the simple reason that an offline marketing campaign involves manpower, paper, ink, travelling etc. Whereas on the search engines your only investment is manpower. An offline campaign would take years to reach foreign shores unless you are a tycoon with huge spread. Contrary an online campaign can reach the whole world in a matter of some days and generate traffic to your site. In the first case you are reaching the customer but in the second case they are reaching you by your website reach powered by an SEO campaign run by SEO Company or SEO Freelancer that generated results. Thus to conclude one should be more comfortable to outsource SEO to seasoned campaigners than freelance webmasters because the time that he eventually looses can not be paid off.

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