Should You Choose Pre Fabricated or Custom Built Mini Storage

Should You Choose Pre Fabricated or Custom Built Mini Storage

In an effort to save space families all over the United States have opted to take advantage of mini storage. Having a mini storage unit gives individuals a chance to store valuable items in a safe, out of the way, location. In addition to providing a way to safely store valuable items mini storage gives families a chance to regain valuable storage space within their own home. Even though many families jump at the chance to take advantage of mini storage there are quite a few families that are not sure whether they should invest in a custom built mini storage unit or purchase a prefabricated mini storage unit. Before making a decision it is important that an individual takes some time to learn about both mini storage options so that they can use their knowledge to make an educated decision.

Pre fabricated mini storage units are ones that most people are familiar with. These mini storage units are made out of a wide variety of materials, often metal, and can be delivered directly to a home. In some cases these mini storage units are delivered already constructed and in other situations a company will deliver the mini storage unit with clear instructions on how to set up the storage unit. These pre fabricated storage units are usually easy to set up and come in a variety of pre determined sizes. The common sizes of these mini storage facilities are determined by what is popular with most customers.

Custom built mini storage units are exactly what the name implies. These storage units are created entirely from scratch and are designed to fit the needs of the individual or family that needs them. Many small businesses that specialize in storage and carpentry offer custom built mini storage design and building. It is also possible for a determined person to build a mini storage unit on their own using only their knowledge, tools, and available materials.

While both pre fabricated and custom built mini storage units have their benefits they also have their flaws which must be taken into account when the time comes to make a choice. There are three things that should always be taken into account when making your choice and these things are ; price, convenience, and level of expertise needed. These three factors should help you determine which type of mini storage unit will be best for your own needs and wants.

The first choice, a pre fabricated mini storage unit, is extremely popular and perhaps the most popular type of mini storage unit. Pre fabricated mini storage units are usually affordably priced because they are already pre designed and ready to be shipped out or delivered to the home of a customer. Pre fabricated mini storage units that are not already constructed are usually more affordable than those that are already built and ready for delivery or pick up.

Most pre fabricated mini storage units that are not already constructed are very easy to put together. Many companies that specialize in these storage units design write very detailed, clear cut, instructions that can be understood by anyone even if they have no experience with building. In many cases only the most basic tools that are usually found in most homes are needed for construction. For those who do not even want to deal with building anything pre fabricated mini storage units can be delivered, already constructed, to a home. This option is extremely convenient since all the average person has to do is clear a space in their backyard or garage for the unit to be placed into.

Custom built mini storage units are usually a bit more difficult to manage. For starters unless an individual is ordering the mini storage unit to be built by a separate company specializing in the construction of customized mini storage unit tools and supplies will be needed. Many people use board and lumber to construct their own mini storage units unless they are experienced with metal working or other forms of construction.

Unless the person has all of the tools and materials on hand it is necessary to purchase the items at a hardware store or store that specializes in home repairs and projects. Lumber, tools, and the other supplies needed to build a custom mini storage unit can be expensive especially if they need to be replaced after mistakes are made. In some situations building plans are also needed and while building plans can usually be found online they can be hard to understand if you are someone who has never created storage units or anything else using a building plan.

Even though custom built mini storage units can be extremely inconvenient for someone that is not sure of what they are doing, custom built mini storage units can be perfect for an experienced person that wants to take control of the size and shape of their mini storage unit. Building a mini storage unit without the aid of pre fabricated material gives the builder a chance to create something perfectly suited to their own needs. In the end the decision to use a pre fabricated mini storage unit or a custom build mini storage unit should be determined by your own needs and personal preferences.

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