Telecom web services

The telecom web services system is an initiative to create an alternate web for the under-privileged. This service could help bridge the digital gap by bringing the benefits of the information revolution to the billions of unaware people by providing information and services through a voice driven channel over an ordinary phone call.

Information on the telecom web services could be community created as well as leveraged from the world wide web. It is basically a voice driven eco-system similar and complimentary to that of the existing web . Although the telecom web services process was initially meant for the under-served in population in emerging economies, it has several applications for the developed world as well.

The world wide Telecom Web Services can be accessible to a large number of people in the world as it enables an ordinary phone subscriber to join the digital information revolution. This has therefore attracted a significantly larger fraction of the human population to benefit from existing and envisioned and proposed services than what was made possible by WWW. To be precise, it removes accessibility barriers that manifest themselves in terms of illiteracy, un-affordability and lack of relevant information. Further, it provides the means to create and maintain an ecosystem of local and global services, information and communities relevant to these underprivileged users.

Telecom Web Services provide sales, professional installation and maintenance of residential and commercial Telephone and Voicemail Systems, as well. They make communication easier and bringing it on a more layman level where the common man can access it.


The World Wide Telecom Web Services concept was conceived by Arun Kumar at IBM India Research lab during late 2004 and was later joined by fellow researcher Nitendra Rajput in mid-2005.Although it was aimed at a certain group of people who could would find it more convenient rather than other means, the system appealed to a larger market and continues to do so.

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