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Companies who already have files and files of useable content have a difficult time accessing their information because their older versions will not talk to their newer ones and their information is stored in a gamut of styles such as PDFs, PowerPoint, images, Excel spreadsheets and word processed documents. With the Internet, companies are re-focusing how they approach their businesses and are exploring new ways of communication. Since the Internet and XML go hand and hand these days and organizations are using XML content everyday, suddenly there came about the need for XML Management.


New content management solutions have evolved to help organizations take control of their content with new content applications called Service Oriented Architectures, (SOA). These new platforms are transforming the way organizations deal with enormous contentbases and reuse and repurpose them. With this new technology comes a new way to access all of the suddenly available content that was previously buried. With that, organizations are also looking to a searchable system within their own enterprise that allows access to all of their content with ability to transform all data not currently in XML format into XML without the need to create a DTD or XML schema. That internal search engine is called enterprise search.


This New XML Management Beneficial For All Employees Of A Business

With this new XML management, enterprises can perform Xquery search into their Xquery engine – like an Internet search engine retrieve files within the enterprise’s own database, except Xquery allows high level programming language to be entered into the search, unlike basic Internet search engines. The Xquery engines are so powerful they can retrieve results within milliseconds after the query





Businesses are finding that this new digital asset management style allows them to display more of their organization online where they were unable to display it before. Also, with this new digital asset management design, enterprises can learn from their employees by seeing what employees are Xquerying and use that new information to create new content applications and address new ways of content delivery and present that exact information they are looking for.


Finally, an XML Management solution for organizations looking ahead into the future are not just using it to keep them organized, they are creating faster ways of doing business while increasing profit.


About the author : Melissa Peterman is a web content specialist for Innuity. For more information about XML Management , or XML content ,go to Mark Logic.
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