Top 3 Firefox Add-ons for SEO Campaigns

The Mozilla Firefox has been one of the most widely used internet browser in the world competing with some of the most popular such as Internet Explorer and Safari. Though it was once as dormant as a sleeping dragon, Mozilla Firefox became the most popular web browser mainly because of its wide uses.

Mozilla Firefox does lack many features found in other browsers, but in an effort to combat interface bloat, developers made it to allow the browser to be shipped as a small, pared-down core which makes it customizable to meet individual users’ needs or interest.

The developers thought that instead of providing all features in the standard distribution; why not rely on the extension system to allow users to modify the browser according to their own preferences. This innovation made way to extensions and other add-ons that made Mozilla as an important tool for web development and Internet Marketing.

SEO is one of the many that benefited on this. Today, there are a lot of extensions and add-ons for Mozilla Firefox that is made specifically for the purpose of SEO and internet marketing.

Though there are many of them out there, there are only a selected few that made it into the essentials, which means the ones that really proved to be useful in an SEO or internet marketing campaign.

Here are the 3 Mozilla Firefox add-ons or extensions that have helped us in our SEO campaign:

#1 SEO for Firefox

A successful SEO tool coming from the famous SEOBook is SEO for Firefox. SEO for Firefox is a Mozilla Firefox extension used for gathering specific data about a site. These data are then used by webmasters to keep track if their sites are still on top shape, or retrieve information about their competitors. SEOBook has once again created a masterpiece.

According to their site, there are now over 130,000 webmasters who use SEO for Firefox for their SEO campaigns. This is because of the design of SEO for Firefox to grab every, single, information that can be found on a website. In addition to pulling in useful marketing data, this tool also provides links to the data sources so users can dig deeper into the data.

Here are the features that are commonly found in SEO for Firefox:

PR- the popular Google PageRank

Age- the age of the website from when it was first indexed by

Links- Yahoo! Linkdomain that shows the total number of links pointing at a domain

.edu Link- Yahoo! .edu linkdomain that shows the total number of .edu links pointing at a domain

.edu Page Link- Yahoo! .edu link that shows the total number of .edu links pointing at a specific page

.gov Link- Yahoo! .gov linkdomain that shows the total number of .gov links pointing at a domain

Page Links- Yahoo! Link that shows the total number of links pointing at a page  the number of times the site was bookmarked

Technorati- the number of links to a site from blogs

Alexa- the website’s traffic

Cached- shows the number of pages indexed in Google

DMOZ- counts the total number of pages listed in DMOZ and the total number of pages listed in DMOZ that reference that URL.

Bloglines- shows the number of people subscribed to a particular blog via Bloglines.

WhoIs- makes it easy to look up the whois data for any site.

With this complete information, webmasters could easy maintain and monitor their site, that is if it still fares up pretty well with competition or it might need more work.

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#2 SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a powerful tool for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, aimed at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites. SEO Quake allows user to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly.

Features that are commonly found on SEO Quake are:

PR for Google PageRank

Google Index

Yahoo! Links

Yahoo! Link Domain

MSN Index

Alexa Rank

WebArchive Age

Del.Icio.Us Index


Page Source



Links for Internal Links and External Links

Keyword Density

The good thing about SEO Quake is that the toolbar is found directly on top of the page, not on the toolbar of the browser so as to avoid distorting the main page. It’s a cleverly designed transparent HTML block that normally appears minimized on upper-left corner of every page you load. Clicking on the maximize icon expands the bar displaying all the parameters. All the information displayed is in a short summarized format and individual items can be clicked on for detailed results through the corresponding Search Engine.

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#3 SEOpen

SEOpen is one of the many extensions or add-ons that are always present in a webmaster’s arsenal. Many consider that SEOpen is one of the most useful Firefox extensions ever developed, mainly because of its many benefits for their users. One of which is assistance for analyzing backlinks.

Though it is easy to type in “link:” in the search engine box, SEOpen makes this a lot easier by providing a convenient way for analyzing backlinks on all search engines. But not just backlinks, all features are available by right-clicking on an open area of a web page, or by using the included toolbar.

Here are the features commonly seen on SEOpen:

Yahoo Backlinks

Pages in Yahoo Index

Yahoo Domain links

Google Backlinks

Google Cache

Pages in Google index

Google Translate to English

Google Related

PageRank Checker

MSN Backlinks

Pages in MSN Index

MSN Domain links

Alexa Overview

Alexa Traffic

Alexa Related

Alexa Backlinks

“Mass Check” multiple sources at once for backlinks, indexed, and domain links

Check DMOZ Inclusion

Link analyzer

Keyword Density

Page Size Checker

HTML Validator

Server Header Viewer


Check robots.txt

Whois Info

Installing SEOpen is also as easy as it is used. Just download the add-on, and all will be ready for use. Just don’t forget to choose the version that is compatible with the version of Firefox. Currently, SEOpen is updated to be compatible for use in Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1.

Plans are also underway for future versions of SEOpen that may include:

Yahoo & MSN Cache

Spider Simulator and/or Text Browser view

IP-based SEO tools

Toolbar Option

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Wendy Ang is the president of Optimind Web Design and SEO, a web design and seo company in the Philippines. Optimind specializes in building and promoting websites that are designed for conversion.
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