Unique New Web Service: Find, Tag, Rate and Share Similar Websites

Unique New Web Service: Find, Tag, Rate and Share Similar Websites. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Web company Camus Media recently announced the public launch of their highly anticipated web service. This unique service makes it possible to find and share websites that are similar to each other. Founder David Galente, a well known internet entrepreneur got the idea for his service a few years ago while he was trying to find a couple of similar websites. “I soon noticed, that there’s no place on the web where you can go to find similar websites”. Extensive research has shown that the need for such a service is very high. “If you only take a look at Google’s trends tool, you’ll see that the term “sites like” gets around 250.000 hits every day” and that’s just Google. CEO Galente believes that his new service will add a lot of value to the current web. “We have done a lot of research and we are confident that it will increase competition and make the web more transparent”. The service is based on democratic principals as the users decide which sites are related to each other and which are not. “The system also has it’s challenges”, says Galente, “We have a grotesque job with keeping the index up to date and free from spam, user input and technology are key ingredients”. Camus Media has made some large investments for the acquisition of several domain names and the development of new technologies. “It’s much more then just a collection of links, sites are constantly monitored to check the health and content”. With more then 500.000 websites in it’s database existing techniques simply don’t suffice. “We had to create new threaded technology to check every entry in our database as fast as possible”. By making use of smart technologies, the company keeps track of DNS records, ping times and other data. This all should ensure a fresh and up to date results. The web today is social and user input is a very important part of this service. All together we believe that it’s a great service and that it has a lot of added value. Its definitely a great SEO resource as it can help webmasters to build back links. But that’s not all, as time progresses, search engines will pick it up and see the relation between the linked sites. Not to forget, the most important reason: It’s also a huge traffic source. The company expects to serve between 5 and 10 million pages a month by the end of the first year. This is a huge number, but we expect that target to be exceeded even sooner, simply because there’s no such service to be found anywhere on the web. All together it’s prone to succeed.

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