Ways to Read RSS and Steps to Promote RSS Xml Feeds on Your Website

Do you notice some tiny XML or RSS buttons across sites? When you click on those buttons with curiosity, you only end up with some code that is really tuff to decode, really scaring you your way. But after you have clicked, what could you do? Read on to know what could be done. – Just a simple solution.

The XML or RSS buttons may be orange in color, with alphabets XML or RSS written across the button. Else word “Atom” or alphabets “RDF” could be over it. “Or even the word “Grab my feed” could be written on the button. Surprised to see so many initials or words for a single function?

On clicking the button, you end up with some code that looks similar to the source code of a web page. RSS can be defined as another web page that you can confidently ignore what that code is all about, as the priority goes to what that code ends up in.

The RSS results in a page that gives you the latest news on the topic that interests you. To explain it better, if you are attracted to the updates of share market, or mobile releases, or even about any blog updates, and you notice a feed for that topic, you will have to subscribe to the feed and you keep getting the messages via these feeds every time any update is done regarding the topic.

Now, how do you subscribe to the RSS feed? Note down the browser address (location) when you click on the RSS or XML button. The address usually starts with http://… It is the called as the “news header”.

With newsreaders, you can keep track of the various feeds that you are subscribing to. Newsreaders are plenty to choose. Some require you to download software, or visit a site. Some involve some investment and some are free to use. When you decide on the newsreader, just follow the instructions of the newsreader and subscribe to the feed with the address you have noted or add a new feed. The newsreader will keep you updated about the address that you have chosen Just do it to see the simplicity of the task.

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