With an Xml Platform, Get More From Your Current Investment

Publishers are looking to companies who provide high quality XML content servers, an XML platform with all the components needed to rapidly build content applications that support their content-based processes, such as research and document creation. The XML platform allows companies the capabilities to manage their own repository and provide access via W3C-standard XQuery language.


Created on an SOA architecture, the XML server allows several enterprises, not just large publishers the ability to query for buried content, manipulate and render content. Other industries include government, insurance and aviation. Reusing content also offers time saving content delivery strategies.


The most efficient strategy for content delivery is through leveraging the content that your company already has, instead of incurring the expense of producing new content for every audience and purpose. Companies and organizations looking to get the most from their SOA can integrate content from different applications within their own contentbase and restructure content into multiple products and market new product designs.


An XML platform lets you integrate and work with massive amounts of XML content, manage multiple DTDs and schemas, reuse multi-purpose content, and eliminate bottlenecks and redundancies, enabling you to easily assemble and deliver content products. A quality XML content server includes the functionality and application programming interfaces (APIs) to suit the needs of application developers who can use it to easily build new content applications.


The best XML server/ XML platform will unlock the value of your company’s existing contentbase and allow your business to integrate content from multiple sources and repurpose that content for new products. It will also give you the tools necessary to incorporate content capabilities into existing applications and build new content applications that are role- and task-aware.


Delivery of the right technical information to the right audience, which has always been an expensive publishing challenge, is now cost affective and practical with a content delivery solution using an XML platform.

About the author:Melissa Peterman is a web content specialist for Innuity. For more information about XML platforms and Content delivery solutions, go to Mark Logic
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