You Know Xml Better Than You Think

Think about the technologies you may have already used today. Have you used a computer, cell phone, watched a DVD or maybe all of these today? Now think about every text message you send, every webpage you look at and all of the music in your MP3 library. Now think about a huge publishing organization, say a publisher of encyclopedias or an insurance company holding documents or a government organization’s legal files and think about where all of this code and data is stored. Unimaginable isn’t it?


If you think storing all of that information is a conundrum, consider searching within all of that information to find a single paragraph or one image. It’s not like you can “Google” a company’s confidential files and expect to find it online. Large content heavy companies, organizations and other industries needing a way to search, handle and deliver large content rich files of information look to XML databases for content management solutions.


What An Extensible Mark Up Language, (XML) Database Can Do For Businesses


The last point on the end could be the most valuable for organizations looking for new ways to create a profit. Since there is a way to search for data and reuse previously written code and content, thousands of man hours spent creating the reusable code in the first place can be if not avoided entirely, at least reduced. So, what does all of this have to do with you knowing more about XML language than you thought?


For one thing, if you have the most current version of Microsoft Windows, you are already writing in XML without even knowing it. Because everything is written in an XML format, it also means it’s web friendly too. The point is, whether you know it or not, most of the world is in some form or another using code in order to complete a function of modern times. Perhaps the company or business you work for does indeed have an office server, but could greatly benefit from an XML content server database to increase your organization’s efficiency, profitability and productivity. When you think of all the ways HTML or XML is already helping you today, think of all the ways it could help you tomorrow.

About the author : Melissa Peterman is a web content specialist for Innuity. For more information about XML databases or XML content Mark Logic

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